High Quality And Professional Yoga Studio

At Vegas Hot we offer a variety of classes hot yoga, hot Pilates and fitness classes. These classes cater to each individual student’s yoga and fitness goals and needs. Vegas Hot has the largest fitness and yoga rooms in all of Las Vegas and is one of the greatest wellness studios in the country. Vegas Hot has become a well-known yoga and fitness destination in the United States. We have created and maintained this studio with our students in mind. Over the years, these devoted students have shaped our success and have grown with our studio. Vegas Hot offers classes seven days a week, there are classes and times that fit almost any busy Vegas lifestyle. Our state- of- the -art studio offers a lounge area with all-in-one facilities that include restrooms, men and woman’s locker rooms and showers, and filtered drinking water.

Vegas Hot is more than just a premier destination for hot yoga and hot fitness. We are a family that pushes each other to attain our personal and professional goals. Our studio is a place where students can immerse themselves in the principled yoga routines and fitness classes. We do this in an inviting and hot environment.

Vegas Hot!!!

is one of the largest hot yoga studios in the United States, featuring state of the art amenities and eight different styles of hot yoga and fitness.