Micah Malcolm
I started as member of Vegas Hot in January 2015 and quickly found myself in classes 5 days a week, loving my newfound fitness routine. In December 2016, I jumped at the opportunity when a teacher training for the Barefoot Bootcamp classes became available, and turned my routine into a job I love!   When taking my class, expect to push yourself hard, sweat a lot, and get pumped to diverse music from all genres!! I’m all about positivity and truly believe that as long as you made it to class, the hardest part is over; doing your best does not mean doing every single exercise, it means that you are trying, no matter your skill level.   Outside of VH, I’ve been a prominent drummer in our local Las Vegas music scene. The current bands I drum for include The Quitters, Illicitor, Same Sex Mary, and New Cold War. Music is my lifeblood and I love all kinds, so feel free to suggest tunes you’d like to hear in class. I’m also a huge beagle enthusiast and will rarely turn down sushi. IG: @miqahmayhem   I can’t wait to have you in class! Let’s sweat it out together!!

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